UMEHEAL Smart Pains Relief, Acupuncture Massager, Nerve Muscle Stimulator / 優摩師智能專家針灸按摩儀

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Cloud based and expert-based smart health and fitness booster



Please note that you need to download the 'Umeheal' App (iOS / Android) in order to fully utilized all 600+ professional programs 


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中西结合 安全可靠




Umeheal will help you deal with problems such as cervical and back pain, menstrual pain, insomnia...etc.  It is among the first series of technologically enhanced general wellness device that stimulates targeted acupoints, muscles, nerves, and body parts based on proven western and Chinese wellness theories to help you relief pain and health conditions and reach fitness and health goals faster than ever.

It is the only device that's equipped with more than 600 massage / acupuncture programs developed by a team of medical doctors (MDs), massage masters, fitness coaches, and engineers to bring you great value.







神經激活醫學TENS技術 / Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation

TENS(Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation)技術,即通過低頻脈衝刺激,處理淋巴的再生、促進傷口復原及緩解疼痛。

*小故事:早在1984年奧運會期間,女子馬拉鬆的記錄保持人Joanie Benoit,曾用TENS療法幫助減輕術後不適及促進傷口復愈,並於術後十七天通過奧運預賽,勇奪金牌。

A non-invasive nerve stimulation intended to activate nerve systems to promote healing and release endorphin to reduce both acute and chronic pains.  It was used in ancient Rome, 63 A.D.


專為肌體醫學而生的EMS技術 / Electrical Muscle Stimulation

EMS(Electronical Muscle Stimulation)技術,即通過低頻脈衝刺激,可以鬆弛肌肉痙攣、減少和防止肌肉萎縮,增加局部的血液循環,有助於燃燒脂肪,鍛煉肌肉。早在1972年奧運會,許多運動員使用EMS技術,以補充其定期的鍛煉套路。

EMS is effective in local blood circulation, building muscle bulk and increasing fast twitch response for speed and becomes popular in sport training and workout.  It cuts your workout time by 1/2.  With strong muscles and well circulated blood you will achieve a higher level of fitness and health benefits.


博大精深的中華國粹針灸 / Traditional Chinese Medicine

中華針灸,即通過穴位的刺激從而達到治療疾病的目的。針灸是華夏文明醫學遺產的一部分,也是我國特有的一種民族醫療方法。千百年來,對保衛健康,繁衍民族,有過卓越的貢獻,直到如今,仍然擔當著這個任務,為廣大群眾所信賴。 Umeheal通過低頻脈沖模擬出針灸的手法和感覺,起到與針灸同等的效果。

(TMS) including Chinese wellness practice is established on the belief about a meridians network or path in human body, through which the life-energy known as "qi" flows.  UMEHEAL team uses special electrical pulses to create the similar effects of acupuncture and massage performed by experienced healthcare professionals.







系統版本:Android 4.3及以上或IOS 7及以上


Operation environment

Operational Temperature : -20℃~+60℃;Humility : 0%~93%RH

Storage Temperature : -30℃~+70℃;Humility : 0%~93%RH

Bluetooth : 4.0 or above

Smart Phone OS : Android 4.3 or above or iOS 7 or above








1.          孕婦,產婦及兒童禁用
2.          皮膚對電極片過敏者禁用
3.          惡性腫瘤等重大疾病患者禁用
4.          皮膚等知覺障礙或皮膚異常患者禁用
5.          更多注意事項還請閱讀APP中的「幫助」






1.          禁止與以下醫療電子儀器一起使用:

  1. 心臟起搏器等體內植入型醫療電子儀器
  2. 人工心肺等維持生命醫療電子儀器
  3. 心電圖儀等醫療電子儀器

2.          禁止在火爐,電熱毯等高溫環境下使用
3.          禁止在衣物,身體或環境較濕的狀態下使用
4.          禁止隨身金屬物體接觸電擊貼
5.          更多注意事項還請閱讀APP中的「幫助」



Safety Precautions:

The following people should not use UMEHEAL:

  1. Children and pregnant women
  2. People with skin allergy to the pad
  3. People with malignant tumors and other major medical conditions
  4. People with skin disorders or abnormalities
  5. Read the "Cautions" section under the app [Help] menu for more



  1. Should not be used with the following device:
    1. implantable medical electronic devices, e.g. cardiac pacemaker
    2. artificial heart or lung and other life-sustaining medical device
    3. ECG and other medical electronic device
  2. Do not use in high-temperature environment, e.g. heated blankets
  3. Do not let the pad touch any metal parts of any items
  4. Do not use when your cloth, body and environment are wet
  5. Read the "Cautions" section under the app [Help] menu for more




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